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Highly Recommended

I've been seeing Tracy for years now, and she's one of the best massage therapists I've ever had, hands down (no pun intended!). I have a rather serious lower back injury, with some associated issues, and there are times I've called for an appointment, just asking "please fix me!" and she's been able to get me walking and moving again every time. She has used a variety of techniques on me, and has always patiently and fully explained what she was doing, why she thought it would help, and how she thought it was working, along with providing me detailed observations and advice about how to stay healthy and support my body as much as possible. I have learned to value her advice and the excellent work that she has done for me. Her work environment is always very calming, and I always leave feeling considerably better- even when the work she does is a bit uncomfortable during at times. Her ability to help unknot my back and spine has been worth every penny and every mile I drove to get to her office. I also have observed how picky she is about endorsing the work of others- supportive, but honest and choosy- and if she endorses the people she works with, I'm sure they are excellent as well- just not as good as she is. :)

Can't Say Enough!


After suffering (and I do not use that term frivolously) with a severely frozen shoulder (also known as "encapsulated shoulder with impingement") I discovered Tracy Ross. I had visited a orthopedic physician who was unable to help me short of surgery. He did not recommend surgery as he felt that in the process of "un-freezing" my shoulder he would probably inadvertantly break my arm. I underwent physical therapy at is suggestion for about three to four months. Other than subjecting myself to endless months of physical therapy agony I decided to try another route. I saw a chiropractor. He was able to give me a good bit of relief, but at his suggestion I began to see Tracy. After seeing Tracy for a little over a month I am virtually pain free and have regained a much greater degree of movement. My shoulder is actually beginning to rotate within the socket. The pain began to dissipate almost immediately with her treatments, the increased movement has been steadily improving. I am seeing the chiropractor about once every two to three weeks and he has been very pleased at the degree of movement I am now experiencing.

I cannot say enough about Tracy. I think that some massage therapists are very gifted and have the "touch." She has the "touch" and seems to intuitively know where the underlying problems are. She is a very special individual.

- Elodie C., Client, Birmingham, Alabama

She is a Massage Artist


I have been to see Tracy for almost three years now and would not recommend any one else to work on your body. Her massage skills and body knowledge cover a vast range of special techniques. And as an added bonus, I always tell my friends that she has some kind of inner spiritual power that reinvigorates your soul throughout every session. I always walk away with a buzz that no other therapist (I have been to) has been able to duplicate. Try her as soon as you can; you will see exactly what I mean. She is a Massage Artist!

- Shawn P., Client, Birmingham AL

Highly Recommend!


I have known Tracy Ross for over three years, first professionally as a patient in my office, then as a client in hers. I have also come to think of her as a friend.


Her skills as a massage therapist, in my opinion, are second to none. She is my first choice when referring patients for massage therapy. Over the past years of referring patients and personal experience with her work, I have found her ability to focus in on areas in need of deep tissue and trigger point release remarkable. She has the ability to "sneak up on you" so you don't know that she is going in deep.

- Bob A., Chiropractor, Birmingham, AL